The tradition of quality in dried nuts...  The tradition of Malatya Pazarı Palancı, which started in Malatya in the 1870s and was founded in Istanbul Egyptian Bazaar, has been continuing with its distinguished products which are produced in modern facilities.  Malatya Pazarı Palanci, creating a balance between modern technology and traditional production, has become one of the leading producers of dried nuts and dried fruits varieties in our country. Our company, which has an important place in the food sector, is an institution that is sensitive to producers and the environment, who cares for human health and mostly contributes to the country's economy with its domestic production varieties. To be able to create a daily bridge between the past and present, it takes advantage of research and development activities, information technology, automation, and qualified work forces.      Malatya Pazarı Palanci will continue to meet the traditional tastes of our country with its growing logistics network, with its local and foreign consumers every day and will continue its superior service understanding for centuries without sacrificing quality flavor and naturalness in future generations.